The Honickman Foundation

How We Fund

Our approach to philanthropy is very personal. We don't have a large staff though we are actively engaged in a multitude of projects at all times. We are guided by an advisory board of family and colleagues, who work as connectors, challengers and advocates and we hire further expertise as needed.

We fund issues and organizations where we feel needed and where we can truly make a difference.

The Honickman Foundation, with its affiliate The Honickman Charitable Trust, strives to achieve its goals through collaboration and partnership with individuals and agencies that have expertise connected to our intent. To these ends, The Foundation and Trust invests its time and resources.

Please note that all grants are initiated by the Foundation and Trust. We encourage those seeking funding to look closely at the way we have provided support over the years, and recognize that we do not accept unsolicited projects at this time.

Although we will try to respond to requests, we cannot promise an immediate reply since we have limited staff available to handle administrative tasks.

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