The Honickman Foundation

Our Mission

The Honickman Foundation and its affiliate, The Honickman Charitable Trust, are dedicated to supporting projects that promote the arts, education, health, social change and heritage.

Embodied in this commitment is a fundamental belief in the power of the 'family unit' and the necessity of a strong community in order to build a strong society.

At the heart of our mission is the belief in the G-D given right of every person to dignity, respect, a decent education and appropriate health care. We believe that a creative and compassionate society is an inspired society which, in turn, breeds peace and fulfillment.

We are dedicated to a variety of projects and organizations that strengthen and bolster both individuals and families. Though our funding is seemingly disparate, there is a distinct connection in our grantmaking and a common thread. What each project shares is its ability to support and secure human rights, and the ability to honor and celebrate individual potential... the creative spirit ...often utilizing the arts as powerful tools for enlightenment, equity and empowerment.

We, at The Honickman Foundation and The Honickman Charitable Trust, strive to live and work according to our highest values.

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