The Honickman Foundation

Kathy H. Ruyak

Executive Vice President/Director of Programs

Kathy Ruyak and Lynne Honickman have shared a working relationship for 30 years. Prior to coming to The Honickman Foundation, Kathy was Vice President and Media Director at Regional Media Associates (RMA), where she worked with Lynne creating marketing support for over eight national soft drink brands.

At RMA, Kathy was recognized for her talent to connect promotions, sponsorships and community service events with key media partners. With a keen sense of market demographics and consumer behavior, as well as her core skill in buying media, Kathy pulled together hundreds of events and promotions achieving highly effective campaigns.

A few of the area's most recognized partnerships that she developed include: Philadelphia's Inaugural Special Olympic Track and Field Day, sponsored by Hires Root Beer, an event which grew and prospered for eight years; creating branding opportunities for various beverages at WDAS' Unity Day (the largest multi-cultural event in the country); and bringing Canada Dry and Acme Markets together to sponsor greater consumer participation at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Kathy served on the Policy Board of WXPN-FM, the non-profit public radio station of the University of Pennsylvania from 1989-2000, during one of the station's largest growth periods.

The synergy that Lynne and Kathy created at RMA continues today at The Honickman Foundation and its affiliate, The Honickman Charitable Trust. Kathy's skill with people, promotions and connecting the dots now translates perfectly with foundation requirements and protocol. As Executive Vice-President and Director of Programs for The Honickman Foundation, she is responsible for overseeing numerous projects as well as operations.

In addition to her devotion to the foundation, Kathy dedicates her time, resources and love to her family and community.

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