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Celebrating Mary Ellen Mark

Over the years, time and time again, we have been struck by the passion and drive that motivates photographers and are constantly moved by their focus and faith. If through their work we expand our vision — then this new insight or outsight — might even alter our judgments and expectations. And so we share with you today the new work of Mary Ellen Mark with whom THF is collaborating this year.

In these awesomely difficult times — without ever preaching, by simply showing us some roads never, or lightly travelled — she helps us define who we are… where we come from… what we think… and the time in which we live. Her images are strong, passionate, and empowering. And we at THF are completely in love with her newest book Prom… an undertaking with an inspiring companion video by the gifted film maker, Martin Bell.

Mary Ellen is a multi-faceted, sensitive, complex, loving, human being — with a very wise heart. Mary Ellen is also a humble and faithful reporter of reality who is totally secure with disturbing issues. She sees beyond surfaces into both the harsh and wondrous intricacies of the human condition — sixteen books later — consistently giving us a new awareness.

From the subjects and the spheres that she has chosen to tackle in depth, we also meet head-on — a quiet humanitarian. She is indeed —one of the good guys.

Visit Mary Ellen's website.

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