The Honickman Foundation

The Photo Review and Painted Bride Art Center

Photo by Christine Welch
In honor of the 35th anniversaries of both Earth Day and The Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia, The Photo Review and The Painted Pride have organized the exhibition, Paradise Paved. The exhibition features the work of environmentally concerned photographers Joann Brennan, John Ganis, David Maisel, Robert Glenn Ketchum and Christine Welch.

From behind the lens of these five visionary artists, the images in Paradise Paved navigate between idyllic and apocalyptic landscapes. The exhibition addresses themes from the inherent beauty of the natural world to the despoliation of that beauty through rampant development and suburban sprawl, to the work of environmentalists who are trying to save endangered species.

Curated by Stephen Perloff, editor of The Photo Review, The Honickman Foundation is supporting the catalogue and special issue that will accompany the exhibition. Paradise Paved is on view from April 1 through May 21, 2005.

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