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Past Poetry Winners

2020Chessy NormileGreat Exodus, Great Wall, Great Party
2019Taneum BambrickVantage
2018Jacob SaenzThrowing the Crown
2017Tyree DayeRiver Hymns
2016Heather ToneLikenesses
2015Alicia Jo RabinsDivinity School
2014Katherine Bode-LangThe Reformation
2013Maria HummelHouse and Fire
2012Tomás Q. MorínA Larger Country
2011Nathaniel PerryNine Acres
2010Melissa SteinRough Honey
2009Laura McKeeUttermost Paradise Place
2008Matthew DickmanAll American Poem
2007Gregory PardloTotem
2006David RoderickBlue Colonial
2005Geoff BouvierLiving Room
2004Kevin DuceyRhinoceros
2003James McCorkleEvidences
2002Kathleen OssipThe Search Engine
2001Ed PavlicParaph of Bone & Other Kinds of Blue
2000Anne Marie MacariIvory Cradle
1999Dana LevinIn the Surgical Theatre
1998Joshua BeckmanThings are Happening
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